Nancy O'Dell

The Most Meaningful Holiday Gifts Ever!

Here are some examples from my new book Secret Ingredients of the best gifts you can ever give.

Gratitude Album Choose a grandparent, parent, sibling and have each person in the family make one page of an album of gratitude for them. They write in their own handwriting and include photos of things they love doing with that person. Everyone combines the pages into an album and give it together to that special person. View more Album Making Products »
Album of Hope Make an album of your hopes and dreams for someone and add the pictures that reinforce it. They will have this beautiful gift all of their life! For example, tell your child you hope they will know they can count on their parents to be there them always.. you hope they laugh big and spend a lot of time doing it...etc. The album of hope can also be made for any loved one...a spouse, a parent. View more Album Making Products »
Recipe Album Have all the chefs in the family write their family famous recipe out in their own handwriting. Compile those recipes in an album along with photos of the chef, the food itself and everyone at the table enjoying the dish! You will never lose those delicious recipes you grew up on and you will have the album to pass down the recipes generation after generation. Make digital books of the recipe album and give them to multiple people. View more Album Making Products »
Thankful Tree Display Sometimes the "thanks" part of Thanksgiving gets lost somewhere between the decorative napkin holders and the buttery, golden niblets. Here's a way to get the important stuff right up on the wall - and get everyone involved in the process! This is a sensationally simple idea that lets you engage the whole family without overwhelming anyone. You can make this project together before the holidays. Or, try cutting the paper strips in advance and passing them out to everyone to write on during Thanksgiving dinner. Attach them after dinner (while everyone's peacefully snoozing in front of the TV), and you'll have a beautiful gift to leave behind and thank your hosts! View more Album Making Products »
Simply Said Albums They are such an easy way to create a meaningful gift. It's pretty simple - just fill in answers to the question prompts, add your photos and share it with someone dear to you! My collection includes two adorable Simply Said books that a child can complete for their mom or dad. You'll laugh out loud at some of the answers kids come up with, and I just love that the books can be a keepsake for mom or dad to treasure down the road. View more Album Making Products »
Nancy O'Dell