Elegance with an Edge

Nancy O’Dell’s ‘Elegance with an Edge’ Style Tips

Nancy to provide at least five (5) style tips surrounding how to achieve her “Elegance with an Edge” style. Tips should incorporate EVINE Live collection pieces.

I always strive for my fashion to be described as Elegance with an Edge. No doubt, we all want to be elegant and classy... but no matter what age we are, we also want to be stylish, on trend, provocative, and we want people know we like to have fun. Thats where the edge comes in. So to get that rare, but wonderful combination of "Elegance with an Edge", here are some easy tips on how to do it. 


TIP #1 Combine clothes in unexpected, unconventional and contrasting ways. Edgy is defined as being bold, exciting, and daring... so by definition, if your clothing has a new or unusual element to it, you are being edgy. And making a look edgy doesn’t have to be complicated. For example, look for combinations of soft and hard. I did this in my Evine clothing collection. I took a feminine, classy blouse and combined it with a metal hardware chain at the front neck line. I also have a casual hooded sweater in my line with a sheer chiffon hem; the sporty, easy style makes it edgy and the chiffon detail gives it elegance. I also used chiffon on a layered vest in my Evine collection and combined with faux leather. It’s a combination you wouldn’t immediately think of, but together it makes for such a sophisticated, and slight rock look. Combine dressy and casual. Think how sexy it looks when you wear your dressy pumps with jeans or shorts. The contrast can’t help but be eye-catching. And it is exactly why I did a beautiful dress in my line which is a classic, formal silhouette style, but the material is an athletic mesh. 


TIP #2 Leather Looks and Touches

The quickest, easiest, and no fail way to look a little edgy is to wear leather. (or pleather).  And it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune because faux leather is so in style, so on trend, and soooo politically correct. Plus, the manufacturers have met the demand and the material is gorgeous and has really grown up this season, lending a tough edge to seriously sophisticated silhouettes. Try a leather dress. I added a simple faux leather dress to my collection because there is nothing more sleek than that. If you don’t feel quite daring enough for the whole dress to be leather, then go for touches of it. I made sure we included faux leather trim on many of the items in my line as it just exudes confidence and a sense of style. I have touches of it on the shoulders of a sleeveless top and panels down the sides of leggings. They are just little unexpected tweaks which give both pieces of clothing this chic and slightly mysterious feel. I also have a faux leather pencil skirt in the Nancy O’Dell collection which can even be worn as a gorgeous work outfit when styled with a solid cardigan or button down shirt.


TIP #3 Make sure you own a Moto Jacket and Vest

OK, I don’t think anyone would argue that a moto jacket is just all kids of edgy! And the best thing about a moto jacket is that it goes with pretty much anything….a simple pair of leggings, skinny jeans, a tee-shirt, a blouse, a sweater, chunky jewelry, a vest, flared pants, harem pants, etc.  You can put on a moto jacket with the most classic of dresses and it still looks cool. You can even roughen up a lace or floral dress with one and it helps your wardrobe last longer through a season. The motorcycle jacket has added a tough-chic edge to our wardrobes for as long as I can remember and it is loved by the most stylish celebrities in the industry. It isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so that’s why I put four moto jackets in my collection. Two have elasticated princess panels which give the jacket a sophisticated look, but the moto gives it the instant cool factor. My other two jackets have color-blocking, which again is a major trend of elegance with Hollywood’s biggest fashionistas. 


Another wardrobe item which has excellent layering capabilities is a fashion vest.  Be sure to invest in at least one vest in a dark neutral, preferably black. Vests can transform your clothes into multiple outfits.  They are so easy to throw on to change an outfit up. You can dress a teeshirt up by throwing on a vest or you can take a dress down by throwing on a vest. The vest in my EVINE collection is a black vest which looks amazing with a simple white tee. I have worn sandals with it on a day with the kids and dressed it up, with the same tee and high heel boots, for an evening with my husband. I have also worn the black vest over a sweet dress and it added this chic coolness. I also wear it to work with a blouse, so I get so much use out of it.  I wanted something that would work for all occasions and it does and it has these rich-looking small leather panels on top which give you that little bit of attitude.

    TIP #4 Wear Asymmetrical Clothes

    Asymmetrical is something I actually did with the sweaters in my line. I have these gorgeous knit sweaters in the collection. I wanted to make sure the sweaters have some attitude and don't look like a basic sweaters. So for one of the sweaters, I made the bottom of the sweater line asymmetrical. It actually has a panel which hangs down from the shoulder. It gives it such a modern feel, but yet the sweater itself is so elegant and flattering. Another sweater is probably my favorite piece of clothing in the line. It is this soft cashmere-like material which drapes dramatically and beautifully on one side into a poncho batwing-style sleeve. The other sleeve is fitted, so the two sleeves are completely different and that is what makes it a beauty! Asymmetrical lines have gathered mass appeal; you’re seeing them everywhere, on red carpets to the streets. They’ve become a regular feature in the wardrobe of the style icons I report about. It is a great edgy style and certainly a trend you can’t ignoreWe are seeing it in sweaters, tops, skirts, dresses, even coats and jackets.


    TIP # 5 Add Animal Print

    That’s right! Unleash the animal in yourself! Edgy animal prints are always in style! There is a right way to wear animal prints to keep the classy and cool factor at their utmost and when it is done correctlythe chic factor is off the chart! When wearing animal prints, opt for classy and sophisticated over tight-fitting. We made sure to do it right with the animal prints we used in my collection and they turned out to be two of my favorite pieces of clothing. One is a jumpsuit, which is soft, feminine, and loose-fitting, so the animal print material is perfectly paired with the style.  The other item is a blouse, which again is soft and loose-fitting. It also has a higher neckline which is the correct way to do it because the animal print, on its own, is sexy. 



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