Little Ashby is the cutest, smartest and most resourceful cub reporter you'll ever meet! She's a star reporter for the tv show, "Tykes Today". Ashby loves the places she gets to go and the people she gets to meet. No assignment is too big or small for Little Ashby...from traveling to the moon to learn about man's first landing there to simply going to the Grand Canyon to discover how it was formed. Little Ashby carries with her the best field reporting crew in the cub reporter business. They include Cam, Boomer, Mike, Padi, Shine and Arty, each with adorable personalities of their own. Every assignment unfolds as a fun and interactive story with awesome facts hidden along the way. At the completion of the story, there are interactive learning activities and games for reinforcement. Come along with Little Ashby on each assignment and have some fun. You'll never know what you'll learn next.