Evine to Offer Nancy O’Dell Fashion Line

By Vicki M. Young

Evine Live is pushing ahead with its plan to include more fashion offerings, and its latest is a new collection from Nancy O’Dell.

The collection will be available on the digital commerce company in September for the first showing. A follow-up show will be in November, which is slated to include additions to the collection.

O’Dell fits the profile of the new lines and offerings that Evine is introducing to its audience to attract consumers through its proprietary brands. As the co-anchor of Entertainment Tonight, she will be the latest “personality” to be featured on the home shopping network. The hope is that O’Dell will bring her fan base to Evine.

Chief executive officer Mark Bozek said, “This is the key differentiator: Gone are the days when you can just be famous and go on television to sell works. Now you have to be passionate about the product. The customer can see through that if you’re not. Nancy has a great sense of style and is passionate about design and fashion. That’s really what we look for when we launch a personality-based brand.”

For O’Dell, the collection won’t be just a line with a celebrity’s name slapped on the label. She’s already been at work helping with the design. “I’ve been working with the manufacturer over the design element, approving [everything] from zippers to tags and materials.”

O’Dell said Bozek and his team met at her house in the beginning of the project, where they “went through my closet, piece by piece and talked about my style. I call this elegance with an edge.”

The ET host said moving into apparel seemed a natural next step, given that viewers often ask her about the items she wears on the show, such as which designer or where it can be bought. O’Dell said she plans to wear her new line on the show, and has already worn some of the samples to day-to-day events such as business meetings and when with her kids at school.

The collection will initially feature 18 styles, with some styles having two to four options each, whether different color choices or patterns, and range on average from $49 to $99. Options cover the range from blouses to dresses and jumpsuits to faux leather jackets and knit sweaters.

Bozek said the initial plan is just for apparel. “We are starting with one category to build up recognition [for the line] and a customer base, and then will carefully expand from there. For Nancy, style is not just about clothes. It’s all of her, from shoes to accessories and handbags.”