Nancy Debuts "Little Ashby: Star Reporter" Book!

Entertainment Tonight host and published author, Nancy O’Dell, created an educational app for children and their parents called Little Ashby: Star Reporter. It is a fun app that is available in the iTunes store, with new adventures being added for children to learn while still having fun! Little Ashby: Star Reporter is now available in a paperback version – perfect as a stocking stuffer – and available on Amazon for $8.99.

“I am so excited about The Little Ashby: Star Reporter book being out for the holidays!” Nancy tells Celebrity Baby Scoop. “It debuted as an iTunes app last season and kids responded so well, we turned it into a book.”

The mom-of-three says it’s the perfect gift this holiday season.

“It makes for a great child gift because it’s a fun, adventurous holiday story with educational facts mixed in and it also teaches kids morals and compassion as well,” Nancy shares. “Storytelling is what I do every day for a living on Entertainment Tonight. And I always say I love being a reporter because I learn so much from the various places and people I cover.”

She adds: “I want kids to have that same opportunity to travel the world while learning so much in the process. Thus, the book is about a little girl reporter and her FUNtastic crew with her first assignment going to the North Pole, interview Santa Claus, and come back with the story of what the holiday spirit is all about. When I asked my daughter what I should name the little reporter, she said, ‘Duh…Ashby!,’ which is her name, of course [laughs].”

As for her 6-year-old daughter Ashby‘s Christmas wish-list, it seems mom has already found the perfect gift.

“As a way of learning addition and subtraction in school, her class is using coins. So Ashby told me she wants a piggy bank for Christmas to keep those coins safe,” Nancy explains. “She loves ladybugs and I found a website called Child To Cherish that has the most adorable hand-painted piggy bank with a ladybug on it.”

And it sounds like Santa’s elves will be busy crafting up Ashby’s favorite black boots again this year.

“Ashby is quite the fashionista these days,” Nancy adds. “She is very picky with her clothes — how did that start so early? She finds something she really likes and goes crazy wearing it over and over again, until it is worn out. There is this pair of adorable pediped black boots which she loves (the Flex Naomi). Fortunately they are very comfortable, which is a criteria for her as well. She told me, ‘I would like Santa to bring me another pair. I am sure he has more than one pair of those same boots he wears all the time too, so he will understand!’ ”

She adds: “Ashby loves unicorns! But she doesn’t love the dark, so she wants the Unicorn Flashlight Friend. What a clever creation!”

Not to mention, her daughter is “very tech savvy” at her tender age!

“And you are not gonna believe this one!” Nancy continues. “We were sitting in a school morning assembly the other day when Ashby leaned over to me and said, ‘Mama, I want a 5S for Christmas.’ To which I replied, ‘A what?’ in disbelief. She said, ‘You know, a 5S — the iPhone.’ She’s only 6-years-old! How does she even know the latest model? She is very tech savvy at such a young age. She must get it from her dad. He’s a technology executive.”