Nancy O'Dell Chats Parenting Horrors, Learning to Multitask, and More!

By Jessica Wedemeyer

"Entertainment Tonight" host Nancy O'Dell has braved many intimidating tasks during her career as a journalist and television host. But those challenges pale in comparison to her latest assignment: helping her

17-year-old stepson, Tyler, learn to drive. Nancy teamed up with the Allstate Foundation and the National Safety Council, utilizing their online safety resource, to make the process as painless as possible. The "ET" host chatted with Wonderwall about the terror of knowing her teenager is behind the wheel -- plus her daughter's latest milestone, and more! Keep reading for the highlights.

What is the Drive It Home campaign?

"The first year after a teenager gets their license is the most dangerous time of their life. … So you can go to and get tips on how to teach your kids how to drive and different things you can do with them. … It's all about just spending time with your kid and having them get experience behind the wheel -- because the cause of all these crashes that happen within a teen's first year of having their license isn't texting or being distracted by passengers, it's simply caused by inexperience. … Every parent who has a teen of that age definitely needs to do [this program] because when you get in a car with them, you realize how inexperienced they are.