Nancy's Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas!

Nancy O’Dell Shares Four Great Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Yikes! Halloween is hours away. For whatever reason you may find yourself a little late on the draw for your child’s Halloween costume, or perhaps they want something different than what they’ve been wearing to school for the last week, here are four easy-to-put-together, DIY Halloween costumes for your little ones. 

1. A simple and traditional idea is to dress your little cutie as a pirate. All it takes is some colorful, solid leggings, and an oversized shirt. A sash or belt is the key ingredient to a pirate costume (Dad's neckties work wonders in these instances!). Then add an eye patch and bandana. Ahoy, matey!
2. There's a lot you can do with simple packaging tape. For a quick and cute costume, dress your child in black pants or leggings and a black T-shirt. Then use white packaging tape to add the skeleton bones! Or to transform your child into a superhero, dress him in a colorful sweatsuit. Then display his initial in colorful tape, and add a couple of stripes around the legs and arms. A towel will do the trick for the cape. Voila, you have a little superhero!
3. A really easy last-minute costume for either a boy or girl is a pumpkin face. Paint your child's face orange. Then outline the eyes and nose in triangular shapes and color them in black (or you can be even more creative with color). For the pumpkin mouth, draw a zig-zag shape and color that in as well. Finally, put a few green leaves at the top of your child's head and dress them in black. How simple is that?
4. For your little girl, a witch is always a popular idea. You can find a witch's hat in any Halloween costume shop.  At home, paint your child's face as scary or as cute as you like. Then dress her in a black top and black tights. To make the costume uber-adorable, finish it off with a little black tutu.

By Nancy O’Dell

Nancy O’Dell is best known as the host of Entertainment Tonight. She's also a published author, philanthropist, and creator of Little Ashby: Star Reporter app, and most importantly, the proud mother of three children. Follow her on Twitter (@NancyODell) and check out the newly added Holiday app for kids that Nancy created! It's educational and teaches kids morals, too. Little Ashby: Star Reporter - Santa's Big Premiere is available on iTunes. 
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