Nancy Shares Family Christmas Traditions!

Nancy O’Dell Shares Family Christmas Traditions You Can Start Now

I don't know if you're like I am, but I'm always trying to come up with things this time of the year that my family will remember forever. And it seems as if I'm asked almost daily during the holiday season, "Does your family have any holiday traditions?" You bet we do! 

I look at family Christmas traditions the same way I view photo albums and scrapbooks. I believe those memories are so very important. I once interviewed a child psychologist about the importance of family memories and he verified what I've always thought--that traditions create good feelings and special moments to remember. Traditions help parents pass on values to children. Traditions bridge generations and give family members a sense of belonging and security. Bottom line: they are as much a part of the holiday as Jingle Bells and Rudolph.

I make sure my family participates in traditions from years past, and we create a new one every season. Most importantly, I always try to come up with an end goal that we want the new tradition to help us accomplish. For example, to teach my kids about helping others or to strengthen the family bond. One tradition we started last year was to create an annual family recipe book. We have every person who comes over for Christmas make a dish. That person then writes their recipe down in their own handwriting. We compile those recipes in an album along with photos of the person who cooked it. Then we make multiple copies of the book. I've even had it printed and gave the compiled book as a gift to every family member the next year. 

I came up with the idea for a recipe book because I already had my mom's famous biscuit recipe written down in her handwriting. She had scribbled it down for me to save since it was her tradition, and I pulled it out one Christmas to make them. What a great feeling it was to see her writing, and remember making those biscuits with her, as I had so many times as a little girl. It gave me this nice sense of comfort and a feeling that my mom, who has passed away, was with us in a way.   

Traditions can be simple or complicated, take time or no time at all. Here are some of my ideas to help make your holiday special:

  • For every Friday in December, make it family game night.
  • Read a holiday story to your child the 12 days before Christmas in front of the Christmas tree**. 
  • Make a calendar of all the holiday specials airing on TV and make an appointment with your loved one to watch them. Frosty the Snowman never gets old.
  • Start a canned food drive in your neighborhood, then donate to a food bank.
  • Every night in December leading up to Christmas, add a figure to the manger scene while reading a part of the Christmas story.
  • Deliver treats to service members who will be working Christmas hours, like those at the fire department, the police department or the hospital. 
  • Instead of spring cleaning, make it holiday cleaning. Clean out your closest and then donate to a homeless shelter. 
  • As a family, make the Christmas card you send out very special by having each family member share what they are thankful for and their favorite memory from the year. 

These are just a few ideas. Come up with ones which work for your family, but make it a tradition to make traditions!

**Nancy has written her own holiday children’s book. It's available here

By Nancy O’Dell
Nancy O’Dell is best known as the host of Entertainment Tonight. She's also a published author, philanthropist, and creator of Little Ashby: Star Reporter app, and most importantly, the proud mother of three children. Follow her on Twitter (@NancyODell) and check out the newly added Holiday app for kids that Nancy created. It's educational and teaches kids morals, too. Little Ashby: Star Reporter - Santa's Big Premiere is available on iTunes.

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Your Chance to Win Nancy's New Heart-Warming Kid's Book!

Nancy O'Dell is doing a give-away of her latest book! Wanna a fun Holiday story for your kids this Christmas, one which teaches them morals at the same time? Well look no further than one from Nancy O'Dell, who as a reporter, tells stories for a living. Nancy's book is called Little Ashby, Star Reporter: Santa's Big Premiere. The first assignment for animated cub reporter, Little Ashby, is to go to the North Pole, interview Santa Claus, and report on what the Holiday spirit is all about! Nancy's book is for ages 4-9.

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Nancy Debuts "Little Ashby: Star Reporter" Book!

Entertainment Tonight host and published author, Nancy O’Dell, created an educational app for children and their parents called Little Ashby: Star Reporter. It is a fun app that is available in the iTunes store, with new adventures being added for children to learn while still having fun! Little Ashby: Star Reporter is now available in a paperback version – perfect as a stocking stuffer – and available on Amazon for $8.99.

“I am so excited about The Little Ashby: Star Reporter book being out for the holidays!” Nancy tells Celebrity Baby Scoop. “It debuted as an iTunes app last season and kids responded so well, we turned it into a book.”

The mom-of-three says it’s the perfect gift this holiday season.

“It makes for a great child gift because it’s a fun, adventurous holiday story with educational facts mixed in and it also teaches kids morals and compassion as well,” Nancy shares. “Storytelling is what I do every day for a living on Entertainment Tonight. And I always say I love being a reporter because I learn so much from the various places and people I cover.”

She adds: “I want kids to have that same opportunity to travel the world while learning so much in the process. Thus, the book is about a little girl reporter and her FUNtastic crew with her first assignment going to the North Pole, interview Santa Claus, and come back with the story of what the holiday spirit is all about. When I asked my daughter what I should name the little reporter, she said, ‘Duh…Ashby!,’ which is her name, of course [laughs].”

As for her 6-year-old daughter Ashby‘s Christmas wish-list, it seems mom has already found the perfect gift.

“As a way of learning addition and subtraction in school, her class is using coins. So Ashby told me she wants a piggy bank for Christmas to keep those coins safe,” Nancy explains. “She loves ladybugs and I found a website called Child To Cherish that has the most adorable hand-painted piggy bank with a ladybug on it.”

And it sounds like Santa’s elves will be busy crafting up Ashby’s favorite black boots again this year.

“Ashby is quite the fashionista these days,” Nancy adds. “She is very picky with her clothes — how did that start so early? She finds something she really likes and goes crazy wearing it over and over again, until it is worn out. There is this pair of adorable pediped black boots which she loves (the Flex Naomi). Fortunately they are very comfortable, which is a criteria for her as well. She told me, ‘I would like Santa to bring me another pair. I am sure he has more than one pair of those same boots he wears all the time too, so he will understand!’ ”

She adds: “Ashby loves unicorns! But she doesn’t love the dark, so she wants the Unicorn Flashlight Friend. What a clever creation!”

Not to mention, her daughter is “very tech savvy” at her tender age!

“And you are not gonna believe this one!” Nancy continues. “We were sitting in a school morning assembly the other day when Ashby leaned over to me and said, ‘Mama, I want a 5S for Christmas.’ To which I replied, ‘A what?’ in disbelief. She said, ‘You know, a 5S — the iPhone.’ She’s only 6-years-old! How does she even know the latest model? She is very tech savvy at such a young age. She must get it from her dad. He’s a technology executive.”

Nancy O'Dell Hosts "A Hollywood Christmas at the Grove!"

Stars Dish Holiday Plans at Festive Tree Lighting

November 18, 2013

Some of music's brightest stars joined ET's Nancy O'Dell last night to officially kick off the holiday season in Los Angeles with a tree-lighting ceremony featuring festive performances by Toni Braxton, Mary J. Blige, Jewel and more!

Our cameras were there to capture highlights from the 11th Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Spectacular at The Grove shopping center and we also asked the stars to share their holiday plans and gift wishes for the upcoming holiday season.

PICS: Adorable Tots: Celebs and Their Cute Kids!

I'm going to be home on Christmas, opening some gifts and gaining a few pounds -- that part's going to be fun," Braxton revealed. The singer was also asked if she's expecting anything special this year under the tree. "I'm always partial to diamonds," she replied. "But I don't have a boyfriend, I'm single -- newly divorced -- but I can wish!" 

Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds -- with whom Braxton performed a duet of the holiday favorite of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas -- appeared with her on the red carpet and vowed to do what he could to help fulfill her holiday wish. "I'm trying to find her a diamond guy," he joked. 

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Blige -- who recently released her first-ever Christmas album and performed My Favorite Things at the ceremony -- said she's planning a low-key holiday. "My Christmas plans would be to be home, resting."

Watch the video to see the spectacular tree-lighting and to also hear singers Jewel and Gavin DeGraw describe their holiday plans. 

Nancy Goes Inside Oprah Winfrey's Personal Auction!Nancy Goes Inside Oprah Winfrey's Personal Auction!

CBS NEWS November 1, 2013, 4:40 PM

Inside Oprah Winfrey's personal auction

(CBS News) Oprah Winfrey is cleaning house big time. On Saturday, she's auctioning off everything from gilded frames to chandeliers to electric bikes.

"Entertainment Tonight" host Nancy O'Dell went to see Oprah near her California home on Thursday. O'Dell said on "CBS This Morning" there's lots of excitement surrounding the auction, with online bids pouring in from as far away as India and Australia.

Oprah is in the midst of a big remodel on her California estate, which is what prompted her to re-evaluate what stays and what goes.

Three tents loaded with Oprah's personal belongings are on display at the polo grounds in Santa Barbara.

Winfrey said of the auction, "It is my idea of a yard sale, and just like everybody, you start accumulating stuff. I've been accumulating things since 1985. It's just too much stuff, and I write about it a lot in the magazine, we talk about de-cluttering and I realize I need to de-clutter my own life."

She said it's very freeing. "I am downsizing," Winfrey said.

Winfrey has pulled personal treasures from her homes in Hawaii, Indiana and Montecito, Calif., and there's a story behind every item. A 19th century doll is expected to sell between $5,000 and $8,000.

Winfrey's extensive doll collection includes hundreds of dolls. She said, "I'm getting rid of some of the dolls because when people come to stay with me, they say that they get scared with all of the dolls, so you wake up and there's like 12 dolls looking at you. It's like (and) Alfred Hitchcock thing."

Winfrey said she's trying hard to not be attached to things. She said, "I'm trying to live the life that I talk about, like not letting things define you, but it's hard."

One of the hardest things to let go is a 19th century set of library stairs. Winfrey said, "You know I love books, and I love library, and I have a library, so I saw this, I was out, I was in, I think I was in London and bought (these stairs). And then it's one of those things you buy in a moment of impulse, and then it doesn't fit the room so it never fit."

Just the fact that these were some of Winfrey's favorite things adds value to the price. A steamer trunk, which immigrants used when coming to America, is now bidding at close to $1,000, simply because Oprah stored her sweaters inside.

Winfrey loves boxes. She's collected them from all over the world. One from London dates back to the 1840s, and converts into a ship captain's desk. It was housed at her Montecito estate.

Some items are expected to fetch up to $50,000, including a Louis XVI desk -- behind which her long time boyfriend Stedman Graham used to write.

Auctioneer Frank Kaminski told O'Dell a Louis XVI chest of drawers will be the auction's most expensive sale. Kaminski said he had to "twist (Winfrey's) arm to get her to part with it."

The chest of drawers, Kaminski noted, is made of king wood and various other inlays. He added, "It has the original marble top. But it's signed Boudan."

He expects the drawers to sell for $30,000 to $50,000.

Also up for sale is a five-feet-tall autographed Oprah Vogue cover.

Winfrey wants everyone to know they can bid on her items online. The proceeds from the auction benefit her Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa, which she founded in 2007. To participate, pre-registration is available online atKaminskiAuctions.com.

Winfrey said, "As you grow into yourself, you just want what's comfortable for you, so when you come to see me in a year from now, I'm gonna have a house that feels like pajamas."

O'Dell remarked, "I like that, I'm waiting for my dinner invitation over at that house now."

Winfrey said, "You will get it, but you have to wear your pajamas."

O'Dell replied, "I will gladly wear my pajamas. Glad to do it."

To participate in the auction, pre-registration is available at KaminskiAuctions.com.

Watch O'Dell's full report above.

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Nancy's Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas!

Nancy O’Dell Shares Four Great Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Yikes! Halloween is hours away. For whatever reason you may find yourself a little late on the draw for your child’s Halloween costume, or perhaps they want something different than what they’ve been wearing to school for the last week, here are four easy-to-put-together, DIY Halloween costumes for your little ones. 

1. A simple and traditional idea is to dress your little cutie as a pirate. All it takes is some colorful, solid leggings, and an oversized shirt. A sash or belt is the key ingredient to a pirate costume (Dad's neckties work wonders in these instances!). Then add an eye patch and bandana. Ahoy, matey!
2. There's a lot you can do with simple packaging tape. For a quick and cute costume, dress your child in black pants or leggings and a black T-shirt. Then use white packaging tape to add the skeleton bones! Or to transform your child into a superhero, dress him in a colorful sweatsuit. Then display his initial in colorful tape, and add a couple of stripes around the legs and arms. A towel will do the trick for the cape. Voila, you have a little superhero!
3. A really easy last-minute costume for either a boy or girl is a pumpkin face. Paint your child's face orange. Then outline the eyes and nose in triangular shapes and color them in black (or you can be even more creative with color). For the pumpkin mouth, draw a zig-zag shape and color that in as well. Finally, put a few green leaves at the top of your child's head and dress them in black. How simple is that?
4. For your little girl, a witch is always a popular idea. You can find a witch's hat in any Halloween costume shop.  At home, paint your child's face as scary or as cute as you like. Then dress her in a black top and black tights. To make the costume uber-adorable, finish it off with a little black tutu.

By Nancy O’Dell

Nancy O’Dell is best known as the host of Entertainment Tonight. She's also a published author, philanthropist, and creator of Little Ashby: Star Reporter app, and most importantly, the proud mother of three children. Follow her on Twitter (@NancyODell) and check out the newly added Holiday app for kids that Nancy created! It's educational and teaches kids morals, too. Little Ashby: Star Reporter - Santa's Big Premiere is available on iTunes. 
And click through our slideshow for last-minute baby costumes for the littlest members of the family!

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Check Out Some of Nancy's Infatuations!

By Immaculate Infatuation
October 25, 2013

If celebrity gossip isn’t really your thing (it isn’t ours) then you might not know who Nancy O’Dell is. And that would put you in the minority. Nancy is the host of a little show called Entertainment Tonight. She also contributes to NBC’s Today Show and Dateline, is an author, a mom, and a former Miss South Carolina. No big deal. But don’t think this Southern belle is all work and no play. Judging by her picks below, Nancy knows what’s up when it comes to new restaurant openings in New York City. She’s got the current Eater Heat Map covered.

When Nancy isn’t busy tweeting to her one million followers or executive producing and hosting HGTV’s “Celebrities at Home,” this multitalented young lady hits up some of the hottest spots in the city. And don’t let that slim figure fool you. She can take down some chicken and waffles with the best of ’em.

Check out Nancy’s favorite Perfect For picks, and tune into Entertainment Tonight, weekdays at 7pm EST on CBS so that you finally have something to talk to your co-workers about.

Nancy O’Dell’s “Perfect For” Picks

Date Night

Toro(85 10th Ave.) – “I have always thought of tapas as sexy – so easily shared. Barcelona style Spanish tapas and a Spanish focused cocktail menu in a glam space make this destination a sexy date night spot in hip Chelsea.”

Special Occasions

Costata (206 Spring St.) – “You can’t go wrong with Michael White! I love this Italian steakhouse; it is in a three story space in Soho and serves everything from salads, pasta, steak sand fish to great cocktails and wine.”

Celebrity Sightings

Tao Downtown(92 9th Ave.) – “I think this is the new downtown hotspot! it is located in the Maritime Hotel and definitely the place to spot cool celebrities. You can take a seat on one of the plush banquettes and people watch while sipping a cocktail.”

People Watching

La Cenita(409 West 14th St.) – “It’s perfectly located in the heart of the Meatpacking district in the old Abe and Arthur’s bi-level space. It is a trendy restaurant that serves Mexican inspired fare.”


Sweet Chick (164 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn) – “I am a Southern Girl, so I love this place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They have amazing chicken and waffles and other delicious comfy food items. Cozy digs and drinks with cool names.”

Nancy O'Dell to Host Rose Parade Again

[09/26/13 - 08:19 AM]
Nancy O'Dell and the Property Brothers Sign on to Host HGTV's Commercial-Free Broadcast of "Rose Parade 2014"

"The Rose Parade is celebrated with beautiful floats and majestic horses... which is why I think they invited Jonathan," laughed Drew. "Have you seen that mane?!"[via press release from HGTV]


New York [For Immediate Release - September 26, 2013]Emmy(R) Award-winning entertainment journalist Nancy O'Dell will join HGTV's popular Property Brothers, Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott, on the announcer's platform for the network's live and commercial-free coverage of the 125th Rose Parade(R) presented by Honda on Wednesday, January 1, at 11 a.m. ET/ 8 a.m. PT.The network announced that the co-hosts will provide commentary on each spectacular float, choreographed marching band and prancing equestrian unit during the popular annual event.

"The Rose Parade is celebrated with beautiful floats and majestic horses...which is why I think they invited Jonathan," laughed Drew. "Have you seen that mane?!"

"This is going to be a lot of fun and, mark my words, Drew is going to try to find a way to be Rose King" countered Jonathan.

"It's clear I'm going to have my hands full with these two, but there's no way we'll have a dull moment," said Nancy.

Reporting live from the parade route, DIY Network's Josh Temple (House Crashers) will be in the middle of the action offering unique street-side perspectives and spectator interviews. "There's no way I'm playing by the rules," said Temple. "Believe me, I'll find out everything viewers ever wanted to know about the Rose Parade."

"Nancy, Drew, Jonathan and Josh are the perfect for our Rose Parade coverage, which is all about fun and entertainment," said Steven Lerner, senior vice president of programming and production, HGTV and DIY Network. "We know their great chemistry will set the tone for an exciting day. We're making HGTV the best place to kick off the New Year."

For more information about the 2014 Rose Parade, online users can visit hgtv.com/roseparade or connect with other fans via Twitter with #hgtvroseparade. Viewers also can become fans of HGTV and interact with other home improvement enthusiasts through Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.


America's leading home and lifestyle brand, HGTV features a top-rated cable network that is distributed to more than 98 million U.S. households and the HGTV website, HGTV.com, the nation's leading online home-and-garden destination that attracts an average of four million unique visitors per month. The brand also includes the HGTV HOME(TM) consumer products line which showcases exclusive collections of paint, flooring, lighting, furniture, plants, fabrics and other home-oriented products. For more information on HGTV HOME branded products and to find a retailer, go to www.hgtvhome.com. In partnership with Hearst Magazines, the HGTV Magazine, a home and lifestyle publication, is currently available on newsstands. Viewers can become fans of HGTV and interact with other home improvement enthusiasts through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Headquartered in Knoxville, Tenn., HGTV is wholly owned by Scripps Networks Interactive, Inc. (SNI).

About the Pasadena Tournament of Roses(R)

The Pasadena Tournament of Roses is a volunteer organization that annually hosts the

Rose Parade(R) presented by Honda, the Rose Bowl Game(R) presented by VIZIO and a variety of associated events. The Tournament's 935 volunteer members act as ambassadors of the organization within the community and serve on one of 31 committees that ensure the success of the parade and game. Collectively, they contribute upwards of 80,000 hours of manpower each year. The 125th Rose Parade presented by Honda, themed "Dreams Come True," will take place Wednesday, Jan. 1, 2014, followed by the 100th Rose Bowl Game presented by VIZIO. On Jan. 6, 2014, the Tournament also will host the 2014 VIZIO BCS National Championship at the Rose Bowl Stadium. For additional information on the Tournament of Roses please visit the official website at www.tournamentofroses.com.

Read more at http://www.thefutoncritic.com/news/2013/09/26/nancy-odell-and-the-property-brothers-sign-on-to-host-hgtvs-commercial-free-broadcast-of-rose-parade-2014-696002/20130926hgtv01/#PEHdSbBZtprdrwRs.99

Nancy O'Dell to Host the 17th Annual Hollywood Film Awards!

Entertainment Tonight's Nancy O'Dell Set To Host The 17th Annual Hollywood Film Awards At The Beverly Hilton Hotel

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Aug. 26, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The 17th Annual Hollywood Film Awards announced today that Entertainment Tonight Co-Anchor Nancy O'Dell will host the Hollywood Film Awards show on Monday, October 21st at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA. This marks Entertainment Tonight's tenth year hosting the Hollywood Film Awards and O'Dell's third, which honors excellence in the art of filmmaking, and launches the awards season.

"I'm thrilled to help honor the tremendously talented artists at this year's Hollywood Film Awards," said O'Dell. "This glamorous evening is full of unpredictable moments from the biggest names in the industry and I am delighted to return as the host."

The Hollywood Film Awards honors cherished stars, filmmakers and up-and-coming talent, and traditionally kicks off the film awards season with the biggest stars and top industry executives in attendance.

The announcement was made today by Carlos de Abreu, founder and executive producer of the Hollywood Film Awards. "We are very proud to be the first stop of the awards season. In the last ten years, a total of 96 Oscar® nominations and 34 Oscars® were given to the honorees of the Hollywood Film Awards," said de Abreu. "We are also grateful to Entertainment Tonight and Nancy O'Dell for their decade of support."

Last year's awards show received more than 41 million media impressions, in addition to more than 300 million online and print readers' impressions.

One of the country's most respected and leading entertainment journalists, O'Dell is the co-host of the most watched entertainment news program in the world "Entertainment Tonight", and since joining the show in January 2011, O'Dell has secured exclusive interviews with luminaries such as President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, Oprah, Angelina Jolie, Oscar winner Jamie Foxx,Johnny Depp, and Taylor Swift. In addition to her work with ET, O'Dell has contributed reports to CBS This Morning, NBC's Today show and Dateline. She is executive producer and host of Celebrities at Home, which was recently picked up for a third season on HGTV.  O'Dell was handpicked by Oprah and Mark Burnett to host Your Own Show, one of OWN network's premiere primetime shows. Having over 20 years' experience, O'Dell is a go-to anchor for live TV specials including the 2011 national Emmy pre-show, Countdown to the Emmys, and FOX's New Year's Eve Special ringing in 2011. She was a special presenter on CBS' 2013 and 2012 Academy of Country Music Awards, as well as a host of Fox's American Country Music Awards. She co-hosted NBC's annual network broadcast of "The Live Golden Globes Arrivals Special" for 10 years in a row, as well as "The Tournament of Roses Parade", garnering 5 Emmy nominations. Previously, O'Dell served as the co-anchor of Access Hollywood for 13 years.

O'Dell has been honored with three Associated Press Awards, two Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) Awards, an Emmy Award and has been nominated for seven additional Emmys. In addition, she was nominated two years in a row (1999 and 2000) for the prestigious ICG Publicists Guild Press Award, recognizing excellence in entertainment reporting. In 2012, O'Dell was honored in New York Moves Magazine: Power Women issue as one of the most influential and successful women in her particular field.  The Alliance for Women in Media honored O'Dell in 2013 with their esteemed Genii Award for Excellence in Television. O'Dell was asked to host the highly-respected "National Association of Broadcasters luncheon" and also in 2013, O'Dell received the title of Dr. Nancy O'Dell from her alma mater, Clemson University, who bestowed upon her an honorary Doctor of Humanities degree.

In addition to her journalistic work, O'Dell is a best-selling author of 3 books, creator of an educational series of children's apps on iTunes, Little Ashby: Star Reporter, and has appeared in movies such as "Smurfs 3," "Thank You for Smoking" and several of the "Scream" flicks. Television guest appearances include "30 Rock," "Hannah Montana," "Sesame Street," "The Simpsons" and "Ally McBeal.

Founded in 1957, dick clark productions, Inc (DCP) is a leading independent producer of television programming. DCP produces perennial hits such as the "American Music Awards," "Golden Globe Awards," "Academy of Country Music Awards," and "Dick Clark'sNew Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest." DCP also produces popular weekly television programming, including "So You Think You Can Dance," and owns and maintains one of the world's most unique and extensive entertainment libraries, which includes more than 30 years of "American Bandstand" footage. For additional information, visit www.dickclark.com

The Hollywood Film Awards® founded in 1997 were created to celebrate Hollywood and launch the awards season. The recipients of the awards are selected for their body of work and/or a film(s) that is to be released during the calendar year. In the last ten years, a total of 96 Oscar® nominations and 34 Oscars® were given to the honorees of the Hollywood Film Awards. For additional information, visit: www.hollywoodawards.com

SOURCE Hollywood Film Awards


Congrats to All The Rusk Twitter Contest Winners!

July 30, 2013
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Congrats to All The Rusk Twitter Contest Winners!

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